Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This is a really awesome game and well thought out. i love the giant world, but the controls are a bit weird and reactions are slow. i really want to play this more, but the second boss is impossible. i can barely avoid him and when i get him once, then it just becomes twice as difficult... I'll keep trying but i'm finding that these control issues really take way from this game :(

Other than that, its amazing and the story is great, art is really cool, and everything is really creative. thanks so much, this is the first major game ive seen in a while so ill keep at it :)

Quells responds:

If you're still having trouble here are some tips: You can clear out his lava pools with a bomb. You can also whack his spitfire in the air to cancel it out (but that's a risky maneuver). To dodge his roll attack, try to roll under it as it's coming. Also helps if you have the hammer, since you'll do a lot more damage

I thought this was a good game. It's been awhile since we've featured something on the front page like this. I thought the graphics were quite good. I'm glad I managed to hit stuff with the bat. My only regret is that it does take awhile to get interesting. It's still worth checking out.

The sheep remind me of pokemon. Then again, they've made a pokemon out of absolutely everything in existence. The music was nice and soothing too. It really is a pleasant game.

Bah, I love it! But I'm having trouble crawling through spaces, when I kneel I can't move at all! I'm I doing something wrong..?

Don't have the patience to continue, but looks nice and runs smoothly

I really. REALLY. Love his game. But after I finished and went back to certain areas to 100% complete the game I'm not sure but some things were not working right. One of the things I noticed is that the bell puzzle seemed impossible. The first platform only half of it would work at a time (I do not know how to describe this better), and some of the bells would ring even when you weren't near them. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I literally can't fully complete the game because of this.