Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I haven't beaten this game yet, only gotten to the Ancient's Crater. I truly like this game but the melee system is annoying as heck as other people have stated. It's bloody hard to do a jump attack, the attack range is low and as of yet the hammer is the strongest melee weapon I've found. The tools are nifty but I wish you could upgrade the slingshot or something because it's the only weapon that allows aiming up and down, and it's bloody weak.

I have also noticed that sometimes the character will move on her own for a few seconds after letting go of the movement key, I don't know if that has to do with the game or flash as a programing medium. One last thing sometimes I try to turn gale to do a jump attack but she doesn't turn, again not sure if its a game problem or flash.

If these issues were fixed I would give it a Five star rating, Even though I think I know how the ending is going to unfold... And boy do I hope I'm wrong...

While this may be SPOILERS, I wonder how many people noticed Korean at the very end? (It says Food upside-down, to those who are curious)

This game was quite challenging and fun, but I think something is missing. (thus -0.5) I mean, the story was OK and (somewhat) predictable, but I like simple story and gameplay when it comes to these kinds of things. Using items (not food or potions) and Moonstone locations seemed fair at first, but (shame to say) when looking for their location, I found it disappointing that stamina required for items and locations of certain moonstones needing stamina potions to collect them.

However, I look forward to what you will give next. Could be interesting if you can transfer the save file to the next one, but no promises I suppose. Keep up the good work!!

This is a very charming game! The only bad thing I would have to say about it is that it's still a little buggy which will happen to games of course. The combat system is a little tricky like with the frogs and such which has been mentioned in previous reviews. Overall, it's really pretty good and I can't wait to play some more of it.

I had started this game about a day ago and I was able to use my number key arrows because my regular up arrow and down arrow do not work. The page refreshed and I had lost my data, now I am unable to leave the very first room because the number key arrows do not work. I don't know if they worked because of a glitch or now they don't work because of a glitch, but I made it to the Forest using the number key arrows and it seems like an amazing game I would like to play. I'm not asking for the addition of being able to use the number key arrows [located on the side of some keyboards], but I would like to know if this is a glitch or not. Thank you

help how do you get past the goddamn ladder bell puzzle in the bandit lair?