Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This game is a fantastic platformer. The main character as well as the supports were a lot of fun (I especially like how the main character doesn't use any speech throughout the game).

The music & scenery are on point. There were so many wow moments when the atmosphere completely changed and drew me in. The most dramatic was entering the Hidden Forest (both the atmosphere of the forest & the way you actually get there); but when you first venture beyond the wall, or enter the underground cave were other great examples. (And of course, there was that room in one of the burnt out buildings with that nice little surprise in that large box in the corner... had to change my pants on that one).

Overall, great story, good power ups & collectables, and really enjoyable gameplay. It was worth putting in the time to get all the hearts & moonstones (though my 41 & 42 were tough... both in Daea). I would be psyched for a sequel. Strong work!

where can I find the music? Oh and btw. Music = 10/10


Best game on NG. Period. It's not without faults - the combat and controls could be a *tad* tighter, and maybe something to let the player know what is a quest and what isn't - I've just freed the Prince and accidentally blammed through the dialogue (which won't repeat) so not entirely sure what to do next. A little bit of guidance would be appreciated ;) No game IMO is perfect, but this is a benchmark. The gameplay, the exploration, the enormity, the music, the graphics, the presentation and general "feel" of the game, all wrapped up together in one amazing package and I would happily cough up 50-60 bucks for it. Well done guys!

I absolutely like the game.

One thing that would make it better is if it would have an EXP and Skill system.