Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Reminds me of "Endeavor". Rich backstory, variable gameplay, mythic world. Well done. I like the controls, the art, the OST. All done very well. Make sure you give you collaborators kudos. What would be nice is a list of moonstone locations. I've scoured the tunnel linking Atai and the Bandits and the dungeons linking Daea and Prince Tower. Still nothing.

First off wonderful game you can tell how much passion was put into this game, secondly is there anything stopping us from making fan art of this fantastic game?

The game, overall, is pretty excellent. Great music, great art style, good combat.

My biggest issue is gaining cash. You say in the FAQ that you can collect Duri fruit in Duri Forest and sell them for cash, but how? If you touch them you take damage, and if you hit them they're destroyed (you gain a little health but no item) How are you supposed to collect them?

Just beat the game...and....IT WAS AWESOME! sorry to all yall who had a rough time, I took 24 hours to beat the game and get all the stuff in it. This is really a novelty game and I will remember it for a long long long time. Thank you for making it :). and really a squeal too? your awesome.

i love this game