Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Absolutely awesome. This game is clean, straightforward, and elegant, but also challenging with a ton of optional content and great balance of tools. The controls are fluid and timing is excellent. Enemies have elaborate but repeatable patterns that create a fair learning curve. This game is very hard, but not "cheap" - everything is within reach to a practiced hand. This is a WONDERFUL game.

Two content tweaks for the next installation I'd like to see that would make Phoenotopia 2 Better:
- The ability to to change direction in air, particularly to swing the main weapon
- A more detailed menu to keep track of ongoing quests and side quests

I absolutely loved the story. The style was great, and the dialogue good too. If you're just starting the game, I highly suggest remapping the jump, attack/interact, and tool buttons from Z, X, C to Q, W, E. When I did that it made everything so much easier, especially for speedy tool changes.

The only problem I had was the difficulty of the gameplay. There is a fine line between testing a players skill and having wayyyy too many things coming at you at once, and there were several sequences in this game that I felt were the latter. If Gale were a little faster between attacks, maybe, or if some of the bosses and tougher areas were scaled down a tad I think it would have improved the gameplay experience a lot. (I personally spent a good bit of time angry at the game)

But yeah, awesome game overall :)

I have only one problem and that is, I have over five moonstone and Fran won't take them. Other then that it's pretty good solid game.

Great game, great retro-themed graphics & artstyle along with a great story.
Unique NPCs, backgrounds and interesting Map style. I do believe I've seen some of the NPCs twice or three times, but it's to be expected. I was also surprised some of the bosses were 'easy' to beat. Hint, hint.
Great work, up it up bud!
Also, you surely could use a couple'a easter eggs if that's ok with you.

Good game, but there's this stupid thing of the gold bars: their cost is from 60 to 150 coins, but you can always sell them to for a hundred. After getting to atai, money is no more a problem.