Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Though the story was semi-predictable, the creativity that went into this was great, I remember playing this back when it first released and I absolutely loved it. The inventory management and what upgrades you had always made you play differently, including if you were good at aiming with the ranged weapons. Played it again and it was still great. Thanks for making this game, this deserves a sequel though. (Also go MarshmallowPirate with that easy on the eyes pixel art style)

help how do you get past the goddamn ladder bell puzzle in the bandit lair?

I really liked this game and have completed it 100%. After reading through the other reviews... why are people complaining about the slow swing? It is a combat mechanic so that you plan ahead of each swing or are watching... GIT GUD

Although some of the plot is clich├ęd, I feel the overall encironment of the game and the thought put into the combination of pixel art and music as well as the general atmosphere of this game is amazing for a game put together and programmed by one person.

Anyways the game was very immersive and definitely worth 100% completion. (Even if it takes 24 hrs of time playing the game) (IT WAS WORTH IT!!!)

You really did a good job, Quells. Willy and Pirate also, amazing work!

Trust me when I say this, this game is a game yo'll play thinking it'll be short. Its not, but thats the beauty of it, the music is amazing the characters are cool. And there is sssssoooooooooooo much to do. So sit down, grab a cup of tea or whatever you prefer and be prepared for one the best games on newgrounds.

60 hours.60 god dam hours to complete this awesome game.Really waiting for the sequel,man.Oh, and thanks for the FQA, really help for the moonstones.