Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

I like this game to death.

I kept looking for this game and I finally found it holy crud :D The gameplay is great I've remembered this game for like 3 years.

Honestly, my favorite metroid-vania style game. Phoenotopia was so great back when it was released on this website, and it still is amazing. I've red many updates to the game and saw that it actually is an unfinished fully-fledged game! The developer did a really well job on making it, and I can't wait for the remake of this game and it's sequel.

I just noticed this game wasn't finished.... I can't believe it

This is too good to see it as a unfinished game, and the game has been in development since 2014 wow. This was my best childhood memory and I don't even need to play it again to say this (I will though, I just want to set up my computer first, or maybe wait for the full version)

Very amazing, can't wait for Phoenotopia Awakening.