Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Your blog is almost dead. I mean I see nothing in this blog except something for every 3 months for a 1-2 year game? Really would like to see more because I'm excited for the 2nd game.

I really loved the game.

This is a very charming game! The only bad thing I would have to say about it is that it's still a little buggy which will happen to games of course. The combat system is a little tricky like with the frogs and such which has been mentioned in previous reviews. Overall, it's really pretty good and I can't wait to play some more of it.

the idea for the game is good but slightly hard to kill a frog when there isn't much room to fight, also the fact that i reloaded this game a couple of times because i couldn't get out of the moon stone room is bad(maybe make a back button so that the boxes you destroy in the beginning don't get in the way of you leaving) also i tried the reload last save and it froze! :( I give up, I'm not reloading again.

Great game, made me think of the Legend of Zelda a bit. Fun gameplay and nice pixel art.

Also really cool that you even put in support for the Xbox 360 controller! Works really well, too.

There are a few annoyances that I'd like to mention.

One little thing that bothers me is the frogs. They are really hard to hit, especially since the movement is a bit rigid for combat.

There is one small bug: In the options menu (space), there is a button that says 'get save password' but clicking it does absolutely nothing.

**SPOILERS from here on**
There were a few major frustrations. The first frustration is the first boss. When it sucks you toward it, there are water bubble enemies that get sucked towards the same direction, but you can't hit them and walk away from the boss at the same time. Jumping works only sometimes, but if those bubbles and prickly fruits are all around you, it oftenly results in getting hit anyway.

There is one thing you really have to change. In the first dungeon, if you walk past the boss door and go through a regular door, you come into a room with a bunch of frogs in water. If you fall into the water there, you spawn RIGHT NEXT TO A FROG with water to the left and right of you, making it almost impossible to do anything, and soon I was dead.
Especially here it's hard to hit the frogs in the first place, because they jump out of the water and there are several of them. If you're on a small platform with water on the other side as well, you CANNOT hit the frog and the only thing that can happen is that you fall into the water, then spawning right next to the frog again. I died many times in this room! :'(

Thank you for this wonderful game!