Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Really love this game so far near the end, only problem would be some of the difficulty with the attack delay and how hard it can be to use the slingshot at times.

Regardless this is one of the best flash games I've played in a long while and i can't wait for another. Loved the option to use an xbox controller btw hopefully it will still be included in the next one. :D

can't wait longer for the next chapter

Oh my goodness i loved this game but it was so difficult and challenging I had to quit a few times but the challenge was enough to drive me to try and try again. There's a few glitches here and there but that's bound to happen with any game. There needs to be another game after this one because the ending, oh my god the ending I loved it. But I still have so many questions unanswered.

This game was incredibly fun, but I'm unable to finish it. It's definitely difficult, but at parts it feels like fake difficulty with the slow reaction times for swinging the hammer or how awkward it is to aim the slingshot and artifact. I'm not bad at platforming or games in general, but I was unable to finish the game due to the chase with 0066 at the end and had to watch someone else play through it to see the ending. I watched several videos and read your tips for beating 0066, but I guess my reactions just aren't quick enough or I don't feel like spending days learning the chase sequence by heart.

I hope you release the sequel soon. This game, though difficult, was fun and rewarding. I hope there won't be any more chases though, because being unable to finish the game for myself is a huge letdown and why I took off 1 star.

This game is GREAT, but the delay of atack is realy a problem for the gameplay.