Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Hey! This game is amazing! I like the game-play. It is incredibly reminiscent of older games, which is great and refreshing to see. The music is also really solid. I really appreciate the amount of detail you put into this dialogue and setting as well. The only thing I would recommend is adding stacking items that are the same in the inventory. Since the inventory is quite small, having items stack would be super helpful. Just something to keep in mind when you make a sequel or other games. My medals seem not to register correctly also, but that might just be me. Overall this is an incredibly enjoyable game that I can see myself playing more than once. Keep up the great work and I look forward yo your next project!!

This would be an awesome game is the controls weren't garbage. AZ stupid toad can kill me because there is a slight delay between button press and attack. This makes the timing of attacks difficult. Also my character slides after walking. Why do game developers feel the need to make it seem like the world is coated in ice? It's a shitty game design choice that makes even basic movement more difficult than it needs to be. I am not running, not even close, and even if I were it's ridiculous to slide on every single surface in the game.

This game (I know so far) is extremely awesome. It's like a version of Legend of Zelda but 2D. This is good quality and looping music as well.

its to hard but i like it because it's chalenging make another game like it thumbs up:]

So good, man. So good. Smooth gameplay, and the difficulty increases at a good pace. I love how different the atmospheres of the various environments are and the whole exploration aspect of the game! At first using the weapon and tool take a while to get used to, but I personally think they work better than in many other games. The small delay when attacking really doesn't bother me because it's literally just half a second and I got used to it fairly soon. The only time when it's a disadvantage is in Mul Caves, with the blue toads.
There are a few minor bugs that I'm sure will be fixed by the next update, but besides that this is one of the best online games right now! Really hoping there'll be a sequel!