Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

Give me one good reason to hate this game! I freakin' dare you! My only troubles were when I panicked, and that signifies clever battle designs! Keep it up! and Can't wait for the 2nd one! Also> I can't wait to see Gale swimming XD

One thing i have got to say about this game is the MUSIC. The music, atmosphere, and ambience is what makes a powerful game such as this one. This game deserves this much attention.

I love this game It's amazing!!
I'm Glad you made this!!

part 2 ????????

It is a lovely game! Really stunning.

It started casual and with a humorously simple story and an cutely alive world.
The world stayed alive, but the story and the difficutly of the game increased steadily. Intersting for me was the fact that I really felt that Gale was evolving. There are no level ups in the classical RPG manner. There are power ups but she basicly stayes the same and its much dependent on how well the player controls the game. So at first she just stayed a townsgirl for me. At the bandits cave I started to think that she is sort of bad ass. Later on I acknoledged that she mopfed all her way to awesome XD
It was because the player got better and the game maneged to reflect the achievments.

The soul of the game, the fact that there is allways something atmopsheric to explore or someone to help drives this game.

I am getting nuts because I will sadly not see the ???? place that some people talk about. During desprate dying against the first harpyencounter I lost so much money in instand recovery, that I am to much space away from the blood ring.

I am really currious how this game will move on.

Take care and all the best