Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

still haven't finished, i reached the tower, but still, even dying thousands of times and losing all my money i still love the game.
The story: it isnt slow but it also doesn't just throw information at your face, it is fast but not speed of sound
The OST: do i need to talk about it?
The intro (menu) music is a mix of some electronic beats with a piano, which basically screams at you:
this game will have both symphonic and electronic musics, prepare to cry in the first area.
Gameplay: it's simple, not too much difficulty UNLESS THAT FREAKING SPEAR, I HATE IT!
well, i could talk about the characters, but i want to other players to discover about the characters themselves.

Cool game! I passed 3 times.
Sequel will be soon.
Quells DevBlog - phoenotopia(dot)com

The game is perfect, the gameplay, the history, its all perfect.

THIS. IS. AWESOME. Spend a lot of time on playing. This is one of my childhood games.

Took me 3 days to 100% on first playthrough. Will there be a sequel?