Reviews for "Phoenotopia"

This game was hard, but fun. The biggest challenge were the "arrows in the palace" where you have to move fast since you can't just dodge the bells. The other challenge was that final part of the game (Not going to spoil it). Is there any update on the sequel?

I have to praise the creator, musicians and everyone who worked on this game for putting together such amazing experience. The story, the characters, the music... Everything is great. As soon as I started I thought it was going to be fun, but my expectations were surpassed.

The amount of secrets and optional quests is very pleasing. Not holding the player's hand in the game is appreciated as well. You only need to actually play, think and investigate to move forward, which ends up with the player caring more for the characters and story. That's good. The Metroidvania style is something I'm very fond of, too.

Difficulty was right, punishing at times, but not a problem if you don't rush through it. I believe this game follows a few "gaming rules" to teach the player something or give them time to learn it themselves before cranking up the difficulty.

Very few games make me feel sort of... sad? When I finish them because they are just so good in every way and this was one of them. I think last time I felt it was after finishing Uncharted 2. Anyway amazing game.

Long review, but this game really does deserve some praise.

love it smmmm

Okey...it's great, I love how the game tells you its story, the way that the characters are introduced, the enemies, NPCs, all the "optional" content that there's hiden...
I can't wait for the sequel! that's really bad, my impatience is going to kill me! ....now, being serious, I will follow the advances of "Awakening".

You have a jewel here, now let's wait to see if there is going to be another one.

this boss sand dragon is impossible,how i defeat them?