Reviews for "Not Frank"

animation was cool, and i liked the "psa" one thing for me that i thought was bad was when that guy died and he coughed up spaghetti and the other guy ate it it wasnt bad but it was a funny/gross out joke my thoughts on the gun thing was that it was funny it really spoke to me. Honestly, idk why people are so mad over the gun opinion, i knew that it wasn't real

Good animation, but i think their is more to the ideal on owning a gun than just ur opinion.

The video itself was not bad, but the fact that you needed to put in your own opinion about people with guns (like me) was pretty dumb. Most of us are not Cruel, Heartless or have become failures of society. Where I live, guns are commonplace. (rural area)

StealthyNine responds:

It was not our opinion, it was Frank's opinion, and I highly suggest you view it as such. If I write a character who murders people, it does not mean I associate myself with murder. I, personally, do not share the same beliefs as our character, Frank. Please refer to the description.


what a twist!