Reviews for "Not Frank"

That was really messed up.

That was hillarious!

i pause 02:20 it said "Oney face" LOL

I guess this was a satire PSA from what the description means but it kind of didn't feel like it. Meaning, without the narrator fourth wall part I wouldn't have know it was supposed to be satire and even then was kind of unclear that it was.

I think it would've have been better as just a regular silly cartoon because the whole -assassin killing his boss that was the target was pretty good.

That said. Voices were great. Some of the silly face animation stuff is overdone but it worked in this.

I just think the narrative got a little confusing but it was otherwise ok

StealthyNine responds:

That's really what we intended it to be. Just a silly cartoon. I didn't think people would look that far into it. I'll work on it.

animation is fun in places, but i'm not so sure if this was meant to be a satire, or whether "frank" is a representation of the writer's opinion. you say it's the characteristics of the roles, so i'm led to believe frank is a spoof of "guns are bad" liberals. nevertheless, even if it were a satire on that viewpoint, it seems muddled. i apologize if i seem harsh, because i want this to be constructive, but it feels like the story - whatever story there is - goes literally nowhere.

if this was a satire, i'm led to believe it could be done better.