Reviews for "Cassowary"

great one. would love to be killed by dis bird

o ya anus so hawt


Finally a new Golfinho cartoon. Been waiting years for dis.

Great work, your stuff should be on T.V.

You have very literally captured the ugliness of animal abuse. I'd give you a standing ovation but you wouldn't see it anyway. The 16-bit-like din of a soundtrack to this only fuels the cruel chaos of the whole scene. Poor bird. Granted, a slit throat is a horrible way to die, but, um, YOU KIND OF ASKED FOR IT WITH THE WHOLE CLUB-BEATING THING, MCCLUELESS! The dead can be spoken ill of in the case that they're complete idiots like this, eh?

Best of luck in the Death Jam jamboree showdown -- and on all of your projects, current and future. Congrats on this, and never not be proud of it, for as short and hectic as it is. It is a moment of truth. Sad, sad truth.