Reviews for "DungeonUp"

(I'm sorry i'm long winded) Review: This is a really fun game with great music, great animation, and major replay value. The demos worth playing, but to bad its just a demo. Side Note: (I'm not trying to be a dick or anything) If this is your only game that you've ever made, I can understand why you put up the demo to get some money. But please at least properly contribute to newgrounds (make some full length games and/or movies for here) don't be like some of the dicks on here and just use it like an advertisement whore with nothing but demos. It does piss a lot of users off and then they usually go outta there way to blam or spam the crap outta you (I've seen it done). If on the other hand you have no intention of using newgrounds like a whore then disregard what was said. Not everyone here can buy the full version especially if there to young to use credit cards or they just get on from someone else's computer when they can because they cant afford there own or its broke or something (like letting a dog lick a juicy steak, then tell it you want 10 of his chew toys so he can actually eat it). So please don't just think of yourself when you upload here, think of the users who pay to support newgrounds and those who cant afford it but love the site that come here for free flash games/movies/art/music, and contribute there own work free of charge to help make newgrounds better and become part of the newgrounds family. Put yourself in there shoes at times (like you have no money or a computer to download this to) and think how upset you would be to find a great game like this and only get to play the demo. Can you honestly say that you wouldn't be upset? If on the other hand you have no intention of using newgrounds like a whore then disregard what was said. With that out of the way great game and if I could I would definitely download and buy the full version. 10/10 stars, bravo and have a nice day.

indiest responds:

Thanks for the review! This is my very first game on newgrounds.
The demo has most of the features and contents that are included in the full version. You can even make custom maps and share with the others. And that's the main reason I want to have it on newgrounds - I can feel the passion of creating things from the players, and the platform also encourages players to do so.
Hoop you enjoy the game:)

this needs to get on steam! 5/5 will dungeon again

For your first game on Newgrounds, this is outstanding. The music, graphics and controls are all amazing! I love the Level-Up aspect, too! I was kinda bummed that I had to buy the full version, but then I realized that you had to make money somehow. You've inspired me to keep working on a game I was losing faith in. Thank you.

15 years waiting to play to another game similar to tower of the sorcerer (a shitty buy addicting game from 90's). 15 long years. I love you man

Great game. Long time roguelike player, for about 15 years now, so I know a good one when I see it. Too bad it's $10 - would buy if it was $5, but I can't justify paying $10 when I can get 15 games on Steam for the same price.