Reviews for "DungeonUp"

love the game but i got stuck on the tutorial..... i accidentaly used a key where i wasn't supposed to and now i have no keys to continue playing. surely there must be a way to continue without restarting?

This was awesome! Still having fun with it. Have you ever thought of making an app version of this?

indiest responds:

Yes there will be a mobile version :)

yo I love this game.plese make a part 2 of this. Its so fun. Keep it up man.

I love the game. But one problem. How do you get soul stones or whatever they are called?

Where is the third piece of the fire sword? I would think the genie has it, but nothing happened when i killed it or tried the other two options except getting a magic key from the dwarf king. Is this a bug? There is no other way to kill the boss at level 0!