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Reviews for "210 BC: Qin Shi Huang"

LOL Eating mercury to gain immortality is like...Actually I can't think of a metaphor right now. Sorry. Nice animation tom! 5 star!. Snoogans.

You're art skills are amazing Tom. Congrats! Easy, funny idea with a groovy character munching (nice background music too). Maybe a little long, but good all around!:D

Probably could've cut about 6-8 seconds out. The stylized art works well. The animation is adequate for something of this length. Second best of the 3 submissions so far,but 5 stars because you're the founder. ;)


a little short - but I liked the cleanliness of the art and the voicework. if you're trying for historical fun, I'd recommend the story of Wu Zetian, the 1st Chinese empress.