Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

The earlier levels were fun, but then it started to turn into a trial and error type thing for me. I realized around level 16 or so that every piece was being used, so I started just looking to configure the board in a way where no flat edges were exposed. I was able to complete the levels until 22 this way, then I got stuck because there was more than one way to configure the board that time, haha. I quit after that level because it was just too complex to be fun at that point.

Something to remember, every level in a game doesn't have to be more complicated than the previous one! You can level off a bit after the game gets going. This keeps the levels shorter, and you can make more of them - which gives the player a better sense of progress. With a game like this, once the board gets past a certain level of complexity, it stops being a puzzle and turns into a guessing game, which is never very fun.

Not the most original concept, the artwork and text weren't professional, and the pace was slow. But I always like finding out the trick to puzzle games before U q

my only problems with this game is that it caused be to fail my science test by teaching me that light comes out of magical cannons and can be redirected by blue stones.

So medals were added after I had completed the levels, and it looks like I don't get them now. That sucks.

Decent puzzle game. First half was a breeze. It felt like a lot of the puzzles were just reflections, so once you figured out one side of the puzzle you could just mirror it and finish the puzzle.. Giving a 3 because I actually got to lvl 15 for the sheer reason of seeing what other facts about the spectrum were available, aside from the ones I already knew. Surprised that, from what I saw, there was no mention of Spectroscopy. (pretty big application of the visible spectrum)

Foumart responds:

Hello, thanks for the review! Indeed Spectroscopy isn't covered in the Knowledge, but there is a special object in the last level that could remind about it.