Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

First few levels in and I find it a lovely game to relax to, simple enough concept with a good progression of difficulty. Definitely approve of not having a timer of any kind!

This is a challenging, fun, and educational game. Great job.

Very challenging. Nice little puzzle, though I'm not sure about the random tidbits of information. Good job.

its entertaining and really gimmicky but once you understand the quirky mechanics it gets a bit repetitive and easy and the music got old pretty fast but nice programming really smooth well polished game

Overall, i think it must be a good game, but sadly i'm stuck on level 5 due to something, that looks like a bug. After 'powering' goal object i got comfirming sound, but sreen stucked on level screen. I still can do everything with level, but 'level complete' screen dosen't showing. Even if has to do something with shiny object in center of level, this will be counter-intuative because this object don't have any indication of importance. Still, i think this is good game, so 4 stars.
PS. Sorry for bad English, it's not my native language and i still need a lot of practice.

Foumart responds:

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. This bug is occurring sometimes when an old cached version of the game is run. Please, ensure that you are running version 0.98 (title screen - bottom left).
Then try to clear your browser cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) and refresh.
Thank you!