Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

Loved the knowledge shared, but the levels were too damn hard! Could not pass level 7.

I'm currently on level 20, I'm enjoying the game so far. I did however notice that at level 20 the any and all sounds cut off. Hitting the buttons to turn them off and then back on do not fix this. It also does not progress past level 20.

Well, this has been quite the interesting puzzle game.

It's fun, yet simple.

This was actually quite different for a puzzle game. it did provide a challenge and presented some odd twists for what it offered. it took some thinking to get many of the puzzles to work. if you are looking for easy this is not a game for you. It actually takes some logistical thinking in how to make the pathways complete each puzzle and some of them are indeed a lot harder than others. This is a thinking game that requires you strain your brain a little. I found it fun and playable at least the first time around. This was not so esoteric or so far off of left field and came off as challenging but enjoyable. in all this was a nice puzzle game.

i like the eco-message, very nice game