Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"


I can finally see a pattern. I gotten to a point where I just turn all the blocks beforehand. Switch on the colors once and bam... solved. Make sure any angles doesn't deflect the lights off the outer edge. Consider all of the surfaces not directly in your control. And If it looks like certain blocks fits together like one unit, you are probably goin in the right direction.

Had to quit on level 21.

Very fun, very challenging, nice advancing difficulty with added concepts and structures. 10/10 would play for hours.

Absolutely fantastic puzzle game. Made me think in a way I haven't. When I went back to replay it I found that I could beat the levels faster not because I knew the solution to the problem but because I was able to abstract the concepts presented faster because of what I learned the first time around. The knowledge bits you earned at the end was a nice cherry on top, a great example of how games have the capability of teaching without it being the main focus.

Foumart responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game. Thank you!

Great job bro! This game is AMAZING!!!