Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

How do you get past level 4?

Foumart responds:

Thanks for the comment. In level 4, you must light both crystals to complete the level. There is a Hint button in the bottom right corner (shown on Mouse over) that can help you further. Good Luck!

I really like this game. ....However your science"Facts" stopped being factual and stopped me from wanting to continue with your puzzle. at the end of level 14 : YOU state that "In FACT there are researches proving the bad effect (?) of long microwave exposure. ..."(blah blah blah Bees...)
Please limit your "fun" information to actual science so as to not irritate anyone who is paying attention. Neat fact: Sentences beginning with the words "In Fact..." rarely are.

Foumart responds:

Thank you very much for taking your time to write this review and especially for playing the game till the end! I'm sorry for the disappointment (and I hope I haven't disappointed you even more with the encyclopedia's last page). The "fact" you stated is a portion of my "propaganda" (as someone named it) to make people respect the environment and think outside the (fuel) box.

Regarding bees, here is an article for the interested: http://www.safelandforbees.org.uk/bees-and-microwave-radiation.html

Thought I've also encountered projects like this: http://socialimpactstart.eu/EN/start-ups/stadtbienen-601

I hope the researches about the bees are wrong, but who knows, maybe animals will adapt faster to the rapidly changing microwave climate than we think. In any case the microwave transmitters are harmful in close distance.

Do you know how happy I am getting past level four after taking a break from this game to figure it out. Oh God, I am soooooooooooooooooo happy!

the game was great, some of the obstacles/game pieces were quite clever, especially the unique one in level 24. the first puzzles were very easy, the difficulty increased at a great pace. the final puzzles were difficult enough to require some serious thought without being impossible (although at times it almost seemed impossible, until the answer smacked me in the face, lol). I liked the science facts and environmental message. I did find some of the science facts to be somewhat dull (boring), but I think that is more of an issue with me, than the facts themselves- I tend to prefer more in depth and technical information. I did really like the parts where you explained in more detail how light waves work. I know that the science bits had some grammatical errors, but these days few people have proper grammar (especially native English speakers), and the facts were pretty accurate, and covered a very interesting topic. I especially applaud that you called attention to the plight of the bees. Thanks for fun, free (and informative) game!
No wait, I take everything back, I just realized I am upset. This game should be longer. Now what am I supposed to do with no more puzzles to keep my mind occupied? I know, I'll just hold these five stars hostage. Until you pay the ransom of more levels. Give me one million bajillion levels, and you'll get your stars back. lol.

Foumart responds:

How inspiring and motivating review! It is really, really appreciated !
I'm amazed about the creative approach in your writing, and I must admit - I have no other option than to pay the "ransom" :D Although a little bit higher, can we at least negotiate for a level editor..? :)
Thank you for putting a smile on my face :)
May I suggest another puzzle to keep your mind occupied until I figure out more levels:
Universo: Gaia (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/642712) - a great game

Very challenging and informative.