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Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

Awesome game. Would buy!

I really like this game. ....However your science"Facts" stopped being factual and stopped me from wanting to continue with your puzzle. at the end of level 14 : YOU state that "In FACT there are researches proving the bad effect (?) of long microwave exposure. ..."(blah blah blah Bees...)
Please limit your "fun" information to actual science so as to not irritate anyone who is paying attention. Neat fact: Sentences beginning with the words "In Fact..." rarely are.

Foumart responds:

Thank you very much for taking your time to write this review and especially for playing the game till the end! I'm sorry for the disappointment (and I hope I haven't disappointed you even more with the encyclopedia's last page). The "fact" you stated is a portion of my "propaganda" (as someone named it) to make people respect the environment and think outside the (fuel) box.

Regarding bees, here is an article for the interested: http://www.safelandforbees.org.uk/bees-and-microwave-radiation.html

Thought I've also encountered projects like this: http://socialimpactstart.eu/EN/start-ups/stadtbienen-601

I hope the researches about the bees are wrong, but who knows, maybe animals will adapt faster to the rapidly changing microwave climate than we think. In any case the microwave transmitters are harmful in close distance.

Very challenging and informative.

Great job bro! This game is AMAZING!!!

Fun, short, requires some thinking. Also a great secret medal! 10/10