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Reviews for "Quantum Of Light"

How do you get past level 4?

Foumart responds:

Thanks for the comment. In level 4, you must light both crystals to complete the level. There is a Hint button in the bottom right corner (shown on Mouse over) that can help you further. Good Luck!

i like the eco-message, very nice game

Not the most original concept, the artwork and text weren't professional, and the pace was slow. But I always like finding out the trick to puzzle games before U q

Totally amazing game! Though what's the secret medal 'Quantum' about?

Foumart responds:

I'm glad that you like the game :) Thanks!
The secret medal is exclusive to Newgrounds - think of it as an additional piece of knowledge :)

Fun, relaxing puzzle game. The controls were straightforward, the objectives were clear, and the levels offered a decent challenge. The design itself, particularly on the menus and whatnot, looked a little dated, but it didn't distract too much from the gameplay itself. I recommend this one to folks who enjoy puzzle games without the stress of timers and score counters.