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Reviews for "Of Clocken Bondage"

I love the video and audio effects on this. Trippy!

I see someone other than I abuses Marche fun├Ębre de Siegfried for its badass dramatic horn.

Fived and favorited.


wonderful! amazing! a truly legendary grey-clock flash, that is great as always.
you want surrealism mixed with humour? call grey clock!

great story, and great action overall.
first of all, did you know that the doctor that spoke to grey clock, kinda reminds me of a CC member?
(i will never tell you who it is, lol!)
who is this doctor?

and is grey-clock made from asbestos? cool, i didnt know that!
i might also add, that grey clock looks stunning and classy as a vietnamese woman. cool!
lastly, WHO is the ''NOT PICTURED'' man? and why he has all those mental powers?

anyways, great movie, and i hope that the good scary doctor will come back to life in the next movie.
do more, grey! we need more grey-clock movies.
the world needs more grey clock movies. you rock! (really)

Leave it to Grey Clock or hell even the clock crew in general to create some surreal shit.