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Reviews for "BVYS N GVRLZ"

Okaayy! Gonna try to keep this review as structured as possible. Straight out of the bat I will say this:

Here's another amazing song! Greatly produced with all the right attention in all the right places. It seems even with a short amount of time you are able to put a great amount of work into your tracks! Catchy melodies that will certainly stay in your head if you listen enough time accompanied by a very tasteful selection of instruments give this track all the right vibes in all the right places. That being said some abrupt transitions do seem to bring me out of the atmosphere at times.

Intro: Although I will be the first to admit that I use this technique far more often then I should, On the grand scale of things I think the little fade in is pretty abrupt and I would of enjoyed atleast a couple bars of build, but thats just me. Right off the bat you have some great melodies and some carefuly chosen chords that I really love! Idk if thoes voices are synth made but they actually sound really well transposed the way you have them and that funky guitar really kicks out the song with a dope vibe. You sure know you're sampling! One thing that does catch me is the end of the chord progression, a couple of the chords around 0:19-0:20 didn't seem to totally fit in, but that's just an opinion and I do myself often find it difficult to finish a chord progression in a way that makes it fluid to loop again. 0:24 that lead got me hook, great sound, great melody, definitely what this track needed to get the listeners attention. Been trying to do a lot of leads like this lately but you've pulled it out flawlessly

Breakdown: Really changed the vibe coming into this one! Wish you would of used some filters leading up to it as it was kind of out of the blue, but that's just how I do things. This part is well mastered and has a surprising amount of things going on if you actually take the time to notice it all. Not sure if I'm a huge fan of some of the transposed samples (feeling kind of hypocrite-y since i did something similar in mine lol) but the rest of the melody work in this section makes up for it in my opinion... a great deal of this section comes down to opinion honestly, when it comes down to it, I believe breakdowns are a section where artists can really try to deviate from the general flow and you've really got some signature stuff in here which i can definitively respect. Again with that small vibrato lead that refuses to repeat itself xD <3.

Buildup: By far my favorite part of the song. The ad-normal beat in parts is stellar, showing off your percussion work and the amazing synth work in this song! Very professional indeed! Not much to say in this section as I don't think you could improve in this part besides adding reverb! (I'm a reverb addict, can you tell?) Dope as hell and comes right back in to the chorus strong as hell.

Outro: See part one as allot of it is the same, and that is perfectly acceptable for the first few bars and you expanded the melodies and the lead(s?) in the part that i absolutely loved. The fade out was also very appropriate given the abrupt entrance... kind of Madeon-y? anyway, dug it.

Overall: Epic ass song with few things to complain about even after my 40-ishth listen. This is my top pic so far for this round of NGADM.

Possible improvements: (I actually had to re-read at this point because that's how forgettable the cons are to this track are.) More fluid transitions maybe? a truelly progressive intro? Longer plz? Build up before the breakdown(am I the only one who does dis)? Yeah that's about it Bravo!

my score: 9.5/10

My condolences for my previous mistake on the forum.
Reviewing the 10 previous submissions as promised.

midimachine responds:

thanks for the awesome review! you da man.

So, admittedly electronic music is not my forte, though I can appreciate good stuff when I hear it. There are a lot of things I like about this track. Solid, catchy melodies, funky bass line, excellent production, wonderful outside-the-box chords at times, with little hints of 6/4 and things like that. Getting a serious Dirty Loops vibe from this, which is a wonderful thing. I'd actually love to play bass for a tune like this (funk bass is kind of my thing, despite the nature of most of my submitted tracks). I'm digging it man. The only thing negative I can really say is that I'm not a huge fan of the voices, but even that's not really a big deal. Good work man, great production!

midimachine responds:

yesssss dirty loops is the shit. cheers!

Great piece! I love the lead- and background synths. Very energetic and fresh. I like the syncopes in the drums and i think that you have used silence very well at some moments as stylistic devices. Impressive that you really completed that piece that early. Respect - good work!

midimachine responds:

thx fam

Even though the lyrics don't really speak to me that much, I can really dig this :p

midimachine responds:

what lyrics lol

I can tell you put some mad work into this. Very well done! I can't criticize anything on this piece, everything flows perfectly! A very cool chill vibe to this song, I can definitely jam to this in my car.