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Reviews for "BVYS N GVRLZ"

NGADM Review:

I wrote an entire review for you but then I lost it, so I'll do my best to remember everything I touched on.

This song has GREAT feel. This is definitely my favorite and best produced track this round. It's so freaking catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Excellent synth design and drum sounds, and there isn't a single note that isn't placed to make me feel great and immersed into this. Transitions you had in this were really awesome too. The part at 1:20 going on for 20 seconds is beautiful. That's a 20 second expertly executed transition full of emotion. The chorus going from the first half to the second is freaking awesome with the chip lead. Just two small complaints: I felt this song really could have benefitted from a C section, currently, it seems to be just an ABA structure. I suppose I just felt that the way the track was taking me, it fell short of a greater potential than what it currently has. The other thing is that I felt the ending part could have been bigger harmonically and dynamically. Comparing it to the first chorus of the song, it didn't feel any different and definitely would have been nice to hear something more to it. This is awesome though, congrats on getting to the next round. Favorited.



So this is cool. Honestly, when I first heard it I was like "well shit, I'll have to put in some much more serious effort this round to actually win". There are great solos, and the drums are cool. Also the bass is pretty sweet.

You're a good musician. Honestly, the biggest things I think to improve would be the voices, which sound pretty low quality - lowering the pitch of the same vocal sample has always sounded pretty bad to me, though.

I like the syncing of the chord hits and the melody. It's a pretty cool effect.

Good ending, too.

Honestly, this is a pretty solid song with some decent melodic content, a nice solo, and a neat breakdown with some nice use of drum machine samples. Overall, not really much of any complaints. Great job!

midimachine responds:

cheers man! i'm hype af about the voice sample melody thing in all music nowadays; i blame pc music and vaporwave :P

Dang! This is beast! 0_O Awesome work!

Damn dude, this track rules! Really dig the mix of modern and retro sounds, especially the synth slap bass and chiptune arps sprinked in the background after the return to the opening riff. The buildup back from the quiet section was very well composed. Hell, the whole thing was. Great job man :)

I enjoyed this track very much so, however, the genre listed is not how I would describe this track. This is an electronica style song if I've ever heard one. Nice, reminds me of daft punk and such.

midimachine responds:

protip: the audio categories on NG are vague and not prescriptive. read the tags!