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Reviews for "HYDRA"

Fun game but how are people killing 100+ heads? I can barely get to 25.

OctoFlash responds:

well, it's not too hard if you're an octopus :D
thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

Its okay for a few minutes, but then it just gets repetative an boring. There needs to be an actual goal, a way to win, maybe at least some little bit of story. Just an endless fight with no purpose? meh.

A few of the medals dont work, the one for breaking all the pottery did not unlock, and the one to make the hydra fly did not unlock. Vandal unlocked normally. Also, how do you get the key in midair? The key spawns on the ground, its never in the air at all to catch.

Finally, there really needs to be some in game clue as to how to unlock the special mode. There is not even any mention (other than in the medals) that there IS a special mode at all. Your clue in the description does not help at all. I had accidentally found the area under the room before fighting even a single time, but I have no idea how to open the *door?* down there. Again, there are NO in game clues at all to it.

OctoFlash responds:

there is a purpose, it's the highscore. but i can see what you mean - i think you'll like the sequel ;)
as for the medals and the key: seems like the game doesn't perform as it should on your computer. i assume it's the browser. we've had problems with internet explorer and safari - do you use one of those?
also, finding the special mode is not supposed to be something for everybody. in the beginning i even considered for those medals to be secret. anyway, thanks for the review! :)

BIG PROBLEM. You display the controls for movement, and then take too long to display the controls for combat. I tried all the movement keys, and as I walked through the door I interrupted more exposition. Lock the door until the tutorial ends on the first playthough, or make some sort of "skip tutorial" button so players know to stick around.

This has left me with a bad first impression of the game, and I'm sure it has done for others as well. You could have much higher scores if this was addressed, and then re-uploaded.

OctoFlash responds:

you're the first to point that out so i'll guess it's not too much of a problem. also, i wrote the controls in the description "just to make sure"... anyway, sorry for that inconvenience!

I don't understand, I can't get the achievement "20x Air-Combo !" ! I'm sure I did everything I have to ! Anyway, still a good game but a little boring on the duration. (Sorry for my english, I'm French so I do what I can).

OctoFlash responds:

your english is fine, thanks for the feedback! as for that achievement: i've made a little mistake because it looks like you need to hit the hydra with those 20 hits. this is not the case as you'll just need to perform 20 strikes - no matter if you hit the hydra or not. the number of slashes depend on the number of heads you've cut off, so you'll need to work up to 20 chopped of heads until you can unlock that medal. thanks for playing!

how do you cut the chandelier?

OctoFlash responds:

get the key (by killing the first few heads), this will open the doors. use them, get up as high as you can. then jump at the chandelier and hit it with your sword. you will have to do this 3 times for it to break.