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Reviews for "HYDRA"

Very lovely game, except I can't find any clues or hints related to the riddle of the special mode. Despite the switches, I couldn't think of anything...

OctoFlash responds:

there is a way to find out what the password is. don't give up! :)
thanks for the comment!

Kick ass game man, should i feel dumb because i have no idea how to get the special password? whatever gonna keep killing those heads. Can't wait for the sequel!

OctoFlash responds:

nope, no need to feel bad! you know, it was my intention for it to be hard to solve ;)
thanks for playing!

Anyone know the SECRET PASSWORD!!!!!!!

OctoFlash responds:

yes, many people figured it out. some guessed it, others found the clue.
thanks for playing and rating!

good game, I enjoyed paying it more than most others. the sword strikes remind me of kirito from sword art online though

OctoFlash responds:

thanks for the feedback, i'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it!
never heard of kirito but the moves were inspired [to some degree] by the devil may cry series ;)

Keep up the good work!
This game is awesome!

OctoFlash responds:

many thanks! can't keep it up at the time but i really hope to get back at making games sometime this year :)