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Reviews for "HYDRA"

BIG PROBLEM. You display the controls for movement, and then take too long to display the controls for combat. I tried all the movement keys, and as I walked through the door I interrupted more exposition. Lock the door until the tutorial ends on the first playthough, or make some sort of "skip tutorial" button so players know to stick around.

This has left me with a bad first impression of the game, and I'm sure it has done for others as well. You could have much higher scores if this was addressed, and then re-uploaded.

OctoFlash responds:

you're the first to point that out so i'll guess it's not too much of a problem. also, i wrote the controls in the description "just to make sure"... anyway, sorry for that inconvenience!

I think it's a freaking awesome game 11/10 lamas! But I found a weird platform that was on the edge of the wall. Is that normal? Also how do you activate power mode I think i found the secret room but how do you type the pass word? Either way it's brilliant play no matter what.

OctoFlash responds:

yes, this is normal. it's part of unlocking the special mode :)
keep looking, you're close!
thanks for that nice review!

Amazing game! really simple but still really fun to play c:

OctoFlash responds:

i'm happy to hear that, thank you too!

I suck

OctoFlash responds:

as long as you enjoy it ;)

thanks for the nice score anyway!

what buttom do I press for the special mode?? I have found the password

OctoFlash responds:

once you've unlocked the special mode you can activate it with X!