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Reviews for "HYDRA"

how do you cut the chandelier?

OctoFlash responds:

get the key (by killing the first few heads), this will open the doors. use them, get up as high as you can. then jump at the chandelier and hit it with your sword. you will have to do this 3 times for it to break.

what is the password?

OctoFlash responds:

a secret word.

don't worry, i get it. i'll PM you.

Very well made and addictive game. My only problem is the lag some times and getting the 20x air combo achievement. But still a very nice game and the secret was a very clever addition. Keep up the good work!

OctoFlash responds:

thanks! yes, the lag is a problem which will be fixed in the next version (working on HYDRA 2.0 as we speek). as for the 20x air combo: i have talked about it before; i made a little mistake there: you're not supposed to hit the hydra with those strikes, so simply 20 slashed in midair are all you need.
also, i'm glad to hear that you liked the secret! :)

thanks for playing and reviewing!

This game was very fun, i've played alot of games and I have to say its very addictive but I personally found it frustrating that items sometimes simply would not pick up. That and the fact that I broke literally every vase for one run and nothing was in any of them, but I chalk that up to random glitching, it happens. Now on to a slight amount of complaining on my end. I used my head to find the password, despite unlocking the medal for it, there is nothing that tells you what it is. I'd rather not ruin anything by stating what it is but I found it easy to find both secret rooms, hydra room and one before it, i found it easy to unlock it too, but I still didn't know the password. That's my biggest complaint. There is no point in it if the game doesn't unlock it when you unlock it. I did find out what it is but only by guessing 5 letter combinations that would work and found it out rather quickly which is fine and dandy but you have to realize some people will not get it and it can frustrate them, the help you offer in the form of a metaphore only adds to that sting because they feel stupid. Of course I don't think you intend for that in anyway and are doing your best to be secretive and helpful. Now on to my, would like to see.

Its cool how he can't die but I'd like it if your power mode would make you invincible just temp, maybe even having different levels *example, using it for the first time, completely invincible, 2nd time reduced damage to you and him, third time normal damage to him but he is incredibly slow. Different weapons or perhaps powers/combat, really dive into a combat array. Perhaps even skills to unlock (i'm a big fan of earning points to upgrade), maybe different specials, make it way over the top, and when you think its over the top, go way over that too! You made a damn good game, please make another! (just idk get rid of the whole password to begin with, perhaps make it reward/upgrade based! how many heads you cut off gives you points to upgrade, carries over when you die, that type of thing.) Just my opinion mate, cheers!

OctoFlash responds:

hello there! thanks for that detailed feedback, much appreciated!
- as for the items that "sometimes would not pick up" - do you mean that 2 seconds after their appearance? this is intentional and is supposed to A) allow the player to see which item they get and B) add a little difficulty to the game. or did you have some other troubles, i.e. did the items sometimes no pick up at all? if so, sorry, you seem to be the first one to have that problem.
- yeah, i can see how that special-mode thing can be frustrating, and you are right; of course i'm not trying to make anyone feel stupid. i'll consider your input for next time! :)
- this also goes for the other ideas; different weapons/upgrades/skills etc have been suggested before and will be considered for hydra 2.0

so here you go; your wish will be fulfilled! there will be a new, better version of this game - it will just take a little to finish i.
thanks for playing, i'm happy you enjoyed it!

I don't understand, I can't get the achievement "20x Air-Combo !" ! I'm sure I did everything I have to ! Anyway, still a good game but a little boring on the duration. (Sorry for my english, I'm French so I do what I can).

OctoFlash responds:

your english is fine, thanks for the feedback! as for that achievement: i've made a little mistake because it looks like you need to hit the hydra with those 20 hits. this is not the case as you'll just need to perform 20 strikes - no matter if you hit the hydra or not. the number of slashes depend on the number of heads you've cut off, so you'll need to work up to 20 chopped of heads until you can unlock that medal. thanks for playing!