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Reviews for "HYDRA"

Very good game, I got 36 heads which ain't to bad. Now I just got to improve on my score and get the rest of the medals if I can figure out how.

OctoFlash responds:

thank you! keep on trying, there is a way!

i love the concept and the gameplay is fun enough, but i was doing great until i accidentally touched the door and 19 hydra heads instantly killed me without me even realizing what just happened. what i suggest: maybe down being the way to go through that door? it needs some sort of control, although i recommend keeping the timer on it still, that made it more challenging.

OctoFlash responds:

hey, thanks for the feedback!
actually, the DOWN arrowkey WAS the way through the doors for most of the time... then i changed it since i wanted to eliminate unnecessary buttons.. maybe i'll just change it again - let's see!

thanks again! :D

The controls are kinda sloppy, the dude jumps around like he's a damn flea and the medals don't work. But the idea isn't bad, attacking is satisfying, the bombs are fun to use, the soundtrack and the sounds the Hydra makes when you hit her are pretty cool. So it's not bad but it definitely could use some improvement.

OctoFlash responds:

Thanks for the review - problems fixed! :D

Pretty decent, but the controls are a bit erratic. The guy jumps unexpectedly and steps further than you want, making it more difficult than it need be. But over all I enjoyed it.

OctoFlash responds:

thanks for the feedback, i fixed some bugs and made it more playable!

Would have gotten a 3.5 but when you move your character keeps moving that way so I was stuck on a wall the whole time good music though

OctoFlash responds:

weird. i never had this error before.. maybe you could try again, now that i solved some issues?
anyway, thank you for the comment!