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Reviews for "HYDRA"

i got t 320 heads it was so hard i didin't have any flash bombs left.

OctoFlash responds:

great! next time make sure to be logged in, that way your score will be saved!
thanks for playing!

I got to 314 heads but died because of lag. It started lagging at around 200 heads. I don't know if it was my pc fault or the games fault but even when i lowered the quality it still lagged. Anyway it was an interesting game. My tactic was to go to the tallest platform wait for it with a shield then throw a flash bomb and jump attack it then go right to the teleport wait for it to get there teleport grab the items it had left, repeat.

OctoFlash responds:

great score!
the lag is not your pc's fault, other people experience it as well. seems like i need to script more efficiently in future games :{D
thanks for the comment!
(sorry, i accidentally downvoted it!)

i want to be hero grab a minigun and kill that hydra in the name of love and justice!!!!!!!!!...................awesome game bro

OctoFlash responds:

;) thanks!

I got to 24 head then the F ing thing starts FLYING

OctoFlash responds:

oh well, don't mess with the hydra i guess :P

I love the concept of the game, even though I'd like to see a bit more depth to it, something like upgradable weapons with bigger blades, or just loot that stays for a few seconds. Still, awesome game, I had a fun time playing it, so it deserves de 5 star rating! :)

OctoFlash responds:

wonderful, thank you! i like this kind of feedback - i'll definitely consider it!