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Reviews for "HYDRA"

I have found the password but don't found? What? The secret room in the hydra room to attack the thing of password, i got the medal but not password

OctoFlash responds:

i'm having trouble understanding your comment but your PM was more clear. i answered you there! thanks for playing!

This game is really laggy.

OctoFlash responds:

yeah, that's something i'm looking forward to eliminate in the next version (HYDRA 2.0). thanks for playing and commenting.

i play this game for like a months now and still looking for the password
please captain, what's the password ?

OctoFlash responds:

i'm pleased to hear [read] that this game keeps entertaining people over a long period of time, thanks for the comment!
PM me, i'll tell you the password!

Normally, i would give this a game a rating, but since i can't seem to find special mode ANYWHERE (In other words, i think it's a trick, and thus not implanted in the game), i can just say worst mind-screwing game ever.

OctoFlash responds:

so let me get that straight; you couldn't figure out how to activate the special mode and thus you decided it's impossible to do so. for this reason you simply ignored all the other factors of the game (graphics, animation, action, scripting, fluency, entertainment ...) and went for zero score? you do understand that you didn't 'give no rating' but rather the lowest possible one? doesn't sound very reasonable to me.
anyway, i don't care about the rating but rather about the expression of your ignorance. if you're still interested in finding out whether i tried to trick you or not, just drop me a PM and i'll tell you all the secrets you want to know.

This games awesome buuut whats the password DX

OctoFlash responds:

in order to get the password you will have to either find the hidden clue in the hydra-room or ask me via PM.. i just can't say no, you know? ;)
thanks for playing!