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Reviews for "HYDRA"

For all of you wondering where to find the password, you just gotta think outside the box ;)

Also it was a great game, got in the 100s before finding the special. It gets a little boring after a while, so some sort of progression or upgrade system would have been great.

Also the method I used, which was tanking the heads with shield, created a lot of lag, but oh well, let's just say it was a slow-mo effect :p

OctoFlash responds:

sorry for the lags, gonna fix the in future games! nice score and thanks for playing!

i love the game i love what you did and also could you please send me a clue and tell me how to type in the cod e that would be lovely

OctoFlash responds:

sure, thanks!

52 heads without the special... but i cant find the password, i find the switches, but dont know whats the password...

OctoFlash responds:

good score! keep on looking, it's not impossible!

Awesome game - its fun to play - and a bit of a challenge to get over 100 heads - but definitely possible (even without Special Mode - fair enough it can only be activated once - but pain to activate - and it needs to be activated EVERY time!?!). 200 heads was tricky (needed the Special). How on earth you get to 662 is beyond me - sounds like a good dose of luck (lots of flash bombs drops - me, not so lucky).

Lag is annoying - but to make the most of your flash bombs, you really need to let as many heads regenerate as possible... annoying because they regenerate so slowly - too much of the game is spent standing still with the sheild up waiting for the heads to regenerate (I usually get impatient, so probably why I can't get a better score). Also, I assume the heads are responsible for the lag - each head is independent?? That would do it - you might need to start grouping them (programmatically) to reduce the load for larger numbers (they don't need to be overlapped - just some heads are leaders, and many others are followers).

The first time I found the password for special mode (it is hidden in-game) it appeared behind the door... (and I wasn't exactly sure what I did to make it appear) - eventually I worked it out (it's got nothing to do with the door). You might want to shift the door further into the background.

Also power pellets, I mean flash bombs disappear into the blood, while health sits on top... would be nice if both sat on top.

One feature that would have been nice would have been for the number of heads on-screen to be displayed (maybe when a flash bomb detonates?)

I keep coming back to this, cause its a fun, short, scoreboard challenge!!

OctoFlash responds:

now this is a great feeback! thanks a lot, i will definitely consider the things you said, improve the game and do better next time! i'm happy you still gave a great score, although you had some things to point out! wonderful! :)

Not bad, could be better. This feels like the kind of game that should have an upgrade system. I found how to unlock the power mode, but it didn't bring much of an improvement to the game, especially since it doesn't last forever, and (as far as I know) you can only use it once.

OctoFlash responds:

alright, thank you!