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Reviews for "HYDRA"

WOW. Very fun simple game you have here! Animation here is very fluid and spot on! Mechanics in the game are very simple but very well made!
Now controls feel like they need to be worked on a bit more. I felt as if jumping platform to platform and staying on was a struggle to do as you character would overshoot the jump or just runoff them.

I see a lot of potential for the sequel to this! Hope to see more from you and whoever is on the team!

(Responding to comments?!?! That's something you don't see many developers doing!)

OctoFlash responds:

thanks man! yeah, i think interacting with people is as important as interesting! i'm glad for feedback like this since it really helps the whole thing grow.

cheers! :)

Jesus christ. So, after finding the password I was like "...K. Do I just type it or..." and finally realized, nah, I had to find the switches which took another death or two. Did that, realized the "Special Mode" is just 45 seconds. Realized if I wanted even a chance at being in the top 100 I'd need to do it in a very specific order (Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. At around 25 heads go to the top, activate power mode, whip its ass mid-air for 45 seconds. When it ends, drop the chandelier on his ass, and it seems to kill all alive heads thereby multiplying the score by 2) And I was like

"Lol. Nope."

Good game, but it needs some kind of upgrade system to stay interesting. ;(

OctoFlash responds:

nice insight! yes, that upgrade system is something i'm considering for version 2. but this will take a while, so until then you'll have to enjoy this one :)
or not, that's up to you. anyway, thanks for playing and thanks for the score!

i found the password for just 3 days XD
and about the special mode.....its super freaking awesome and the background music boost my eagerness to cut those heads XD
i really really love this game <3
for those who want to know the password just.....
. find it by yourself XD
hey OctoFlash thanks for this game which let me act like a freak XD
create more great games and i assure you that i will introduce it to my friends ^_^

OctoFlash responds:

i love happy comments. they make me happy :)
i'm glad you like it, thanks for playing!

i got to the secret room but i dont know the anwer

OctoFlash responds:

well.. that's unfortunate. you could find it though, just look closely! thanks for playing! :)

Hey OctoFlash,man,please tell me what is the password.I found the clue but I dont know the password.Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

OctoFlash responds:

alright, just PM me!

thanks for playing!