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Reviews for "HYDRA"

i just wanna know if you can beat it using fire, because i looked up hydra and fond that heated metal or molten metal will close the wound, causing the hydra to not be able to regrow heads there, otherwise, amazing game!

Always come back once in a while to play this childhood classic of mine!

Keep up the good work!
This game is awesome!

OctoFlash responds:

many thanks! can't keep it up at the time but i really hope to get back at making games sometime this year :)

I never knew fighting a hydra could be so glorious. I liked how the hydra rips you to shreds if you aren't prepared to escape. You should make something else like this!

OctoFlash responds:

many thanks, your comment made my day :)

i'm sort of working on a 2.0 version of this game, which will be a lot (!) more complex and enjoyable.. problem is that my scripting skills can't hold up to the challenge so until i've found somebody to collaborate with you will have to wait...
thanks for playing and reviewing!

I year has past and the only thing I didn't got was 20x air combo and the hidden life potion. Can't seem to accomplish it because of the lag.

OctoFlash responds:

about one year has passed and i'm happy people still like this game :) thanks!

the hidden life potion is definitely possible to get and the lag shouldn't actually be a problem for that medal... keep looking! :)
as for the 20x air combo;
you can perform 20 hits after you're sliced 20 heads. to unlock the medal you do NOT need to hit the hydra - just keep holding down the attack-button as you fall/jump from high up.

if you don't mind i'd be happy to recieve a PM after you've tried it - i'm curious whether there's an actual bug or a just simple misunderstanding!

thanks again!