Reviews for "Steam Rogue GB"

This game is tricky and it is so in quite an original way.
That's good.

P.S. Sorry, for this personal.. emotion, among the review. Medals do not register for me for a week: _argh_.

Fantastic game. My only gripe is that you weren't making this for the original Gameboy back when I was a kid :)

This is excellent fun! Jumping and running both seemed perfectly bug-free to me and I could enjoy a short episode of hop and die.
Not too much challenge for 100 points medal, I think, but since I had fun enjoying both your levels, your game physics and the music -- hey 5/5!
Thanks for this little gem!

Dat difficulty... You sick S.O.B... 5/5

Excellent little game you've made! If only this was a real gameboy game...