Reviews for "Abandoned Ship Escape 2"

SPOILER ALERT: (sort of...)

The whole "look for land and the rice will be ready" thing didn't quite work that way for me. I kept "looking for land" and saw nothing but water, yet the rice was still ready for me. I realize you tried to change things due to the last game's comments. The whole sentence sounded strange to me as well, though I can't actually quote it. Maybe try, "The rice needs time to cook, walk around the deck for a breath of fresh air and it will be done when you return."

Some items I found by complete accident.
The bathroom was a nice touch. I must tell you that I did attempt to steal water from the toilet's water tank.... it didn't work. lol...

The flashlight thing gave it a little bit of a creepy feeling. I liked it.

A bit too many locked rooms, for my taste. It left me wanting to open them, knowing I was probably not going to get the satisfaction. I think there is a thin line between making a gamer curious and straight out frustrating them. Maybe I'm too picky. :)

It's not a bad job, especially for how quickly you produce these games.

I think you could make a nice creepy game with the flashlight effect and some jump-scares. Your games are not difficult but sometimes they are a little unpredictable so... it could be fun!

Overall, I give you a 4 because I am curious to come back and play the next game. And also, you get a 4 because you produced this game so quickly. However, a 5 would demand a little bit higher quality and polish. I'm sorry, it's just a truthful description.

Thank you for the game. It was a little strange at times, but enjoyable!

selfdefiant responds:


Good. You scared me a bit with the math problem, but thankfully the obvious answer worked.. :) Still not sure you need to make the player wait for food to cook. Its not adding anything to the game.

I had a private chuckle when I saw your comment about trying the first game if new to the series. There are far too many people who say "This suks it conFUSng" without realizing that some entries in the series are listed as 2,3,4, and 5.

How to get water to cook the rice was a real challenge. I like the dim light exploration mode in the ship. It made the game more fun. c:

The most difficult puzzle was the colour wheel. I could only solve it after watching the walk through. Hint: decode the strange message in the green book.

Was staring at the endless folds of the ocean a while on this one, pretty cool how you manage to loop it so seamlessly all the while just stretching out one image... fun to notice the little details that work so well; probably don't take long to make. Efficient game-making. Graphics are simple and according to that same template as always, but they work well. Overall good fun.


Found it a little weird at first , but got used to it.