Reviews for "Greenie"

For what it was it was pretty good. The art and music shone brighter than the gameplay, but at least it's unoriginality was short lived. I think I actually learned more about pixel art by scrutinizing the map and icons! I liked the hidden 11th level the most. I could imagine a future collaborative project going well.

Ehhh this is awesome!!! :---------------------------------------------]

Megaman called, he wants his spikes back =P
...Not sure why he'd want them back though.
Tough game, but it was short & sweet. Took more tries on level 10 than I'd care to admit

Not bad of a game, the hit box for deaths with spikes is VERY unforgiving - level 10 was more annoying than fun

Really simple game, does what it sets out to do well. A bit short but thats fine. Biggest issue is Level 8 where the difficulty lies in one precise jump. Short levels actually accent this type of game well though.