Reviews for "Greenie"

i keep getting the advanced warfare ad and im getting really excited for it :3 sorry that this isnt relevant to this game x(

Cool old arcade game. It would be cool if he evolved in each level and got a new power.

I thought this was kind of an unexciting platformer. One of the main issues I had with the game was the fact that moving gave you very little momentum, which resulted in boring movement. It also meant that you had to time your jump perfectly in some situations, which was incredibly lame.

This might just be me, but hidden blocks are not a good thing to add to a game. It just makes your game more about guessing and luck rather than actual skill. Hidden blocks are not puzzles, they are just annoying. It actually made me quit level 10. That's just lazy design.

I would also recommend adding WASD to the controls. I don't mind using arrow keys, but it's always nice to let the players play the way they want. The music is nice and with some work this game could have been much better.

Letmethink2 responds:

You can edit the controls to wasd in the controls menu

This flash was good, I enjoyed the puzzles, even though they were a bit simple. Though my only real complaint is the speed of the character and the hitbox on the spikes, which really shines in the last level. The character only has two speeds, slow, and SLOW DOWN THERE. Plus, the hitbox on the spikes also shine there. There were times when the game would register a hit, when I would be a good 3-4 pixels away from it. Not a perfect flash, but definitely something I enjoyed playing.

i like it a lot!