Reviews for "Greenie"

Since this game is so short, I will treat it as an "experimental game." This game experiences well with the idea of block phasing and showed quite a great and genuine idea, which could be easily expanded upon with the inclusion of multiple blocks of different colors (which could all be phased separately or phased only one at a time or something else completely). I enjoyed the game through and through, even with it being so short, and I appreciate the time you put into this. However, it is not without flaws. The character felt too slippery (I understand some slipperiness but this was a bit too much) and the jumping was too one-dimensional (quickly tapping W resulted in a jump that went as high as a jump that involved holding down W throughout the whole jump). Overall, this is a good experimental game that brought and showed some original ideas that could easily be expanded upon and could have an even better game made from it. Thank you for creating such an enjoyable game. I feel bad that so many people are rating it so low.

A flawless pixel platformer, with just the right amount of challenge! I tried getting to the hidden door on Credits before even starting the levels, but... it seemed impossible! After trailing my way past even Level 10 however, it was a real piece of cake, practice makes perfect! :D One little potential bug I noticed: when choosing the L/WASD control scheme, the 'More Games' door doesn't want to open at all. Overall, this was a great play! Graphics, controls, the little entertaining descriptions for each door... it all works at building up an awesome adventure! Nice work!


This game, while having a good start, is... well, just bad. It relies entirely on fake difficulty (Such as several jumps requiring perfect timing) to extend a meager five minutes into thirty or more. All the puzzles were solved within just a few seconds (Jump here, then there, jump phase phase jump phase phase jump there...) and it was only the execution of the solution that took time. The invisible blocks just made me nervous, but the phasing WOULD have been a fantastic idea... Ever heard of Shift? I like that game. Press the button, you flip into the negative space. This could have been at least as good as shift if the phasing had been more developed and less perfect-timing-based. As it was, it was just more of the same stuff that required you to have the most precise timing. It didn't make it enjoyable. It made it annoying. If you really want to make a game that relies on fake difficulty for content, you will NEED to go all out. Look up I Wanna Be The Guy. That was a good fake difficulty game... but only because it was so ridiculously over-the-top.
You want to know how to make it better? First: Focus on phasing. It's your unique idea. Use it in every puzzle. Second: Puzzles. Make them puzzles, make it seem like this might work, but no, that doesn't work, maybe this way? Or if I flip back here and... Success! Keep it a mystery as to whether or not it'll work right up to the last second (But don't have sudden random invisible instakills right at the end, as that's more fake difficulty).

It felt uninspired, bland art, didn't like the music, there was no point in jumping around the blocks I mean why were even doing this? My biggest complaint tho is the game design itself. Bad jump mechanics, and the hidden block levels just seemed like it was lazy, no bugs tho so i'll give it a one. Maybe next time add a little story, maybe some enemies.

Man that secret medal was difficult to unlock :p Very fun platformer which I thoroughly enjoyed :D