Reviews for "Greenie"

i spent around 30 minutes trying to get the secret medal

Good game, good platform controls, and whoever designed the secret medal, fuck you, im going to feed you to a melon emptifier.

how do u get the secret medal

Was alright..not sure why people had trouble with levels 9/10 as they were meant to be troublesome so that it keeps you aware on how to do them after several not-so-good attempts. The secret was the best part and yes the screen/game does freeze when attempting to go out the way you entered after collecting the secret.

Since this game is so short, I will treat it as an "experimental game." This game experiences well with the idea of block phasing and showed quite a great and genuine idea, which could be easily expanded upon with the inclusion of multiple blocks of different colors (which could all be phased separately or phased only one at a time or something else completely). I enjoyed the game through and through, even with it being so short, and I appreciate the time you put into this. However, it is not without flaws. The character felt too slippery (I understand some slipperiness but this was a bit too much) and the jumping was too one-dimensional (quickly tapping W resulted in a jump that went as high as a jump that involved holding down W throughout the whole jump). Overall, this is a good experimental game that brought and showed some original ideas that could easily be expanded upon and could have an even better game made from it. Thank you for creating such an enjoyable game. I feel bad that so many people are rating it so low.