Reviews for "Greenie"

I didn't think it was bad for a quick little platformer.

Sure there's not much problem solving aspect to it. But I've played longer platformers where trying to do key combos in quick succession played a significant part of the challenge, so I didn't think it was so bad in this regard.

In level 10, I accidentally pressed "z" while the level was restarting, and the green creature started the level dead, sticking out of the spikes right above where you start. Going back to the level select fixed it, though.

I second Ericho's complaint. Ignoring 'Z' if you have a direction key pressed gives levels 5 and 8 a large amount of "fake difficulty". To bring this game into balance you should have it be more about figuring out how to get through levels, and less about how quickly you can release/tap/press keys in order to execute those plans.

Cleared it in about five minutes.

I will give you credit for making something that's pretty original. I couldn't get past Level 5. I know that I pressed the Z button down, but it didn't work. I think I can't do it while I'm pressing something else. That's way too complicated. The music wasn't bad.

At least it's organized. I don't know what this green guy is either. It had some good ideas, it's just that the controls weren't good. I think there's another glitch where I keep on moving. Oh well, that one doesn't really inconvenience me.