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Reviews for "Blaqk"

Nice short game. As people said, just need more length. I suggest more interactive like click&drag item if possible. BTW, this game is good. :)

i though it was good, though it does need a little more length and a plot behind it would be nice, unless this is going to be a plot-less game, in which then it's fine, just needs more length

very very very VERY!!!!! short game but still cool good job on the art work :) please make a sequel but make the nxt game a lot longer and a little more challenging

Tf what was the point why is this game even under horror it is no where near scary but nice try. But.... make more and get better. :)

to be honest that game is really nohing.... if u wanna play something really scary this is not the game ur looking for its okay if ur letting a lil kid play perhaps but nothing major to talk about it u can still play if u want dnt let my review change ur mind but if ur looking for real scary try another game