Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 24"

I admit that it was freaking awesome how that guy died. It's weird, because it seemed like you would do that. It just seemed too anti-climatic at first, but you know what? It really was set up well. The animation and voices are as great as ever. I guess I'll always say that in my reviews.

Well, it's true. I thought they were quite distinct and I loved the "Jurassic Park" reference. I feel like we are making progress in the story. It's been going so long that I'm not sure if it has any end. Well, it's nowhere near as long as TTA.

I was hoping that he would get killed in a coller way than that- perhaps when the creeper went off the arrow could still have been shot, and gone into the air. Then it could have come back down later when today's big bad least expected it! But it was still great the way it was :]

When I saw lava, I knew what was coming next. And it still came out funnier than expected.

Laughed harder than I should have at the hacker's in-game death.

This series just gets more fantastic as it goes along!