Reviews for "Furry Fixer"

This game is hard, but fun. I think the reason people gave it a bad review was because they aren't as skilled as le true platformers.

Sushin00 responds:

That's what I tell myself...before I go to sleep every night.

Certainly a lot of fun. Really got a kick out of the driving parts once I got a hang of the drifting.

Sushin00 responds:

That's good! In retrospect I wish I had taught drifting like at all cause that's what makes driving interesting in this game.

Not bad game, but adding music would be lovely. 4/5

Fun game! Tons of nostalgia, and I'm sure this would have been a great GB game! However, in the driving part, the side of the screen often creeps up on you, making it somewhat difficult to know whats going on.

Finally, I got stuck on level 1. The jumping platform bit is damn near impossible to do, because of Furry Fixers slipping and sliding around.

got stuck on level 3... a stalactite I couldn't crouch under ...WTF?
still a nice game though :)