Reviews for "Furry Fixer"

got stuck on level 3... a stalactite I couldn't crouch under ...WTF?
still a nice game though :)

In general, a pretty decent platformer. Though I liked the idea of the car in the overworld, the camera in it was very glitchy and I died while going through the maze to try to get to level 2, so I gave up on the game. As for the platformer itself, the jump arch made it very hard to do the little jumping part in level 1, and it took way too many tries to successfully get on the wall to ride down and prevent fall damage. Finally, the lack of music (and sounds in general, though there were some in the overworld) was a bit strange.

Fun game! Tons of nostalgia, and I'm sure this would have been a great GB game! However, in the driving part, the side of the screen often creeps up on you, making it somewhat difficult to know whats going on.

Finally, I got stuck on level 1. The jumping platform bit is damn near impossible to do, because of Furry Fixers slipping and sliding around.

This was a good game. I can see why a controller would have been better for the controls but I don't have one so :(