Reviews for "Furry Fixer"

Controls are good, simple graphics, I Like it.

But you can add other gamemode without lives, driving just for fun. That'l be better. I think so.

The difficulty of level 1 just isn't a fair introduction to the game. I quit playing very early in with the following complaints:
1) Fall Damage. The first section I found this, it took me too many tries to fall of a ledge, turn around to wall grab, and wait to slide down. The fall damage was an annoying surprise.
2) The rock spikes, or ice spikes, that came next. The hit box was terrible as I died multiple times while mid-jump on the large upwards rock spike even though I could not see any pixel I supposedly touched to get killed by.
3) The character slides around. That really killed the ability to have good jump control. This in turn means a very high difficulty in the first level alone.
4) Being trolled.. finally passed the rock spike and electrical wire only to be killed by a fall that barely went off the screen. The fall length for damage seems way too picky. Quit.

Solution: Difficulty control. "Easy" or "Beginner" mode would be wonderful to make this interesting. I would suggest it either turns off character slide to improve jump control, or, it adds platforms to the fall-damage test area to aim at and removes a few select spike traps or shortens them to give a wider space to succeed passing through. I wouldn't even care if you called it "Pathetic Skill" mode. I'd rather see more of the game and the effort put into it.

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the honesty and suggestion!
I think this would have helped a lot during development. A lot of the serious issues that you mention came up last second, like the hit\boxes and level design issues. An additional problem was that the way the art is in this game, I can't change the level without also having the artists changing the art.
Most of the other issues are just an oversight on my part and due to a lack of gameplay testing.

Anyways, thank you again for the detailed feedback. I should be looking for people like you BEFORE the game is finished. Alas, the nature of game jams is cruel.

This game is hard, but fun. I think the reason people gave it a bad review was because they aren't as skilled as le true platformers.

Sushin00 responds:

That's what I tell myself...before I go to sleep every night.

This game would've been quite a bit more enjoyable for me with just a few small changes. First, the almost complete lack of sound. Some background music and "real" sound effects would've definitely improved this game, in my opinion. Also, the jump and fall mechanics in this game are terrible. Falling straight down, rather than at a shallow trajectory, seems to be impossible, which makes certain areas in this game difficult and frustrating. The same is true is with jumping. Sometimes I needed to jump just a short distance, and I simply couldn't. The jump trajectory is too great. These two issues really took away from my enjoyment of this game. i will say that the driving sections are fun, for what they are.

Sushin00 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate the criticism.
I totally understand the comments about the platforming. That feedback helps a lot. Glad you at least liked the driving portion of the game!

Not bad game, but adding music would be lovely. 4/5